Network servers in a data center.

Server & Storage

Server and Storage Management solution of SABIO is designed to address an enterprise’s entire server platform needs from design, deployment and migration to optimization. Our services ensure better server utilization rates, improved system availability and increased performance.

SABIO Business Solutions believes in actionable recommendation. We work diligently to help clients resolve their problems one step at a time.

Server & Infrastructure

We provide necessary hardware and software for a server and storage infrastructure. SABIO offers complete infrastructure solution, from initial consultation and survey through to supply, installation, training and management, using our teams of fully qualified, high level engineers. SABIO has close relation with leading Server and Storage producers.

Server Virtualisation

The benefits of server virtualization are widely accepted and the more and more organizations are deploying virtualization technologies. Modern times have seen virtualization as a rapidly emerging plateau of enhanced efficiency & performance. Server virtualization leads to space consolidation, and efficient & effective usage of server resources & capabilities.

Stretch your investment to go the mile

Choosing a solution and never adjusting or customizing is not an option. The data is in use now is not finite. It’s going to keep growing.

There are more software solutions than ever for server data storage that can bring everything together and keep it safe.

Preferably, the server should know where every piece of data is all the time and it should be able to be accessed by those parties that need to access it.

Server Consolidation

Servers in many companies typically run at 15-20% of their capacity, which may not be a sustainable ratio in the current economic environment. Businesses are increasingly turning to server consolidation as one means of cutting unnecessary costs and maximizing return on investment (ROI) in the data center.

Consolidation can substantially increase the efficient use of server resources. It’s a terrific way for IT to save their budget, especially considering that so few servers are used to their full capacity.

Server Management

SABIO offers Server Management solution which includes service monitoring, server maintenance, optimization, security, and initial server setup tasks. Normally, such tasks are performed by your own system administration team.

By finding a trusted server management provider you get to focus on what you do best, running and growing your business. You don’t have to worry about staying current with the latest trends in technology, you don’t need to keep up on the latest security issues, you get the luxury of time.

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